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    Always On VPN

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      What is Always On VPN?

      Always On VPN is a security feature that ensures a VPN connection is used to access the internet. If the VPN connection drops, the device is automatically restricted from internet access until a VPN connection is restored.

      Always On VPN is a must for securing remote workers and those employees that travel frequently and connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks. The feature prevents any potential leaks and makes sure company ⁠— and personal ⁠— resources are kept safe and secure.

      To better understand how Always On VPN works, we invite you to watch this explainer video:

      Who can enable Always On VPN?

      Both organization admins and members can enable Always On VPN.

      Here is how Organization Admins can deploy Always On VPN:

      1. Go to Control PanelSettingsSecurity configurations.
      2. Switch the toggle next to Always On VPN.

      Admin - Always on VPN.webp

      Important note:
      • Upon enabling Always On VPN - the Auto-Connect feature will be automatically activated.
      • If the owner enables Always On VPN in the Control Panel – users will not be able to toggle this feature off through the application settings.
      • The VPN connection will remain active at all times, regardless of whether the network is configured as trusted or untrusted.
      • Always On VPN is currently supported only on Linux, Windows and macOS (downloaded directly from our website) applications.

      To configure Windows client for Always On VPN:

      1. Go to the NordLayer app → SettingsGeneral.
      2. Tick the box next to Always On VPN.

      Windows - Admin Always on VPN.wepb

      To configure macOS client for Always On VPN:

      1. Go to the NordLayer app → PreferencesGeneral.
      2. Tick the box next to Always On VPN.

      Mac - Always on VPN.webp

      To configure Linux client for Always On VPN:

      1. Open Terminal and run these commands:
      $ nordlayer settings set
      Select setting to change: 
      1: VPN Protocol
      2: Auto-connect
      3: Always connect to
      4: ThreatBlock
      5: Always On
      Select [number]: 5
      Available values for Always On
      1: Disabled
      2: Enabled
      Select [number]: 2

      How to get temporary internet access?

      Members might need temporary internet access to log in to the NordLayer app, handle captive portals when connecting to Wi-Fi in places like hotels and airports, and troubleshoot.

      To get temporary internet access on macOS and Windows – click on the “Get internet access” button when logging in to the NordLayer application.

      • If you are already logged in to the application – “Get internet access” access button can be found at the bottom of the gateways section.

      To get temporary internet access on Linux, use the following command:

      $ nordlayer alwaysonvpn
      Available commands: 
      1: Enable Temporary Internet Access
      Select [number]: 1
      $ nordlayer status
      Login: Not logged in
      VPN: Disconnected
      Current network: wired connection
      Temporary internet access active.
      Internet connection left: 00:02:56

      Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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