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    Browser Extension

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      NordLayer Browser Extension 2.1.1

      October 30, 2023

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      NordLayer Browser Extension 2.1.0

      October 17, 2023

      New Features

      URL-based split tunneling

      URL-based split tunneling is live!

      URL-based split tunneling allows routing internet traffic from a web browser through different network paths using NordLayer Browser Extension.

      The new feature allows Organization Admins to list specific domain names that will be able to bypass VPN tunnel. This means that all of the traffic is encrypted and secure, while chosen domains have direct internet access without encryption.

      NordLayer Browser Extension 2.0.0

      October 4, 2023

      New Features

      Device Posture Security (prevent access with non-compliant devices)

      Preventing access to non-compliant devices with Device Security Posture is live!

      From now on, Organization Admins can monitor or control network access for those who are using NordLayer Browser Extension by setting up the Operating System Allow or Deny rule.

      The new feature is also supported both on the Control Panel and all NordLayer apps.

      NordLayer Browser Extension 1.2.1

      August 23, 2023

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      NordLayer Browser Extension 1.2.0

      July 5, 2023

      New Features


      Auto-Connect is live!

      Users can now enable the Auto-Connect feature to automatically connect to NordLayer Browser Extension every time they launch their browser.

      NordLayer Browser Extension 1.1.0

      May 29, 2023

      New Features

      JumpCloud SSO

      JumpCloud SSO is live on NordLayer Browser Extension!

      All Members can now authenticate their identity via JumpCloud SSO.

      Other available SSO providers include Google, OKTA, Azure AD, and OneLogin. You can set up SSO in the Control Panel.

      NordLayer Browser Extension 1.0.0

      April 19, 2023

      NordLayer Browser Extension

      NordLayer Browser Extension is live!

      NordLayer Browser Extension is a lightweight solution used to secure online connections when accessing web-based resources configured on the company’s virtual private gateways and secured on a browser level exclusively.

      Here's what NordLayer Browser Extension allows you to do:

      • Access company resources securely via your browser.
      • Secure only shared browser resources.
      • Test your product without routing all network traffic.
      • Use even without the NordLayer desktop app installed.
      • Set up multiple browsers with multiple destinations.

      NordLayer Browser Extension is available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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