Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Lite
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Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Lite

What is Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) (Lite)?

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) (Lite) is a security feature that allows Organization Admins to block specific ports and protocols from being accessed while connected to your organization’s virtual private gateways.

For example, you can use DPI to block specific messaging services like Snapchat or Viber and peer-to-peer file-sharing apps like Stealthnet or Thunder.

How to enable DPI (Lite)?

  1. Go to Control PanelNetworkServers or Gateways. Choose the dedicated server, click Configure next to it, and select Deep Packet Inspection (Lite) from the dropdown menu;


  1. In the request form, select which ports and protocols you want to inspect and block. With NordLayer, you can choose from up to 250 ports and protocols (find the list below);

  2. Once you’re done, click on Request Deep Packet Inspection. Please allow up to 24 hours for the feature to be enabled. You will get an email with the confirmation once it’s ready.

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What can you block with DPI (Lite)?

NordLayer allows you to choose from up to 250 ports and protocols to inspect and block. Here are they, listed in alphabetical order:

Protocol name Description
AFP News services
Aimini Upload services
AJP Apache JServ Protocol
Amazon E-commerce
AmazonVideo Streaming services
AMQP Messaging protocol
Apple Apple services
AppleiCloud Apple services
AppleiTunes Apple services
AppleJuice Apple services
ApplePush Apple services
AppleStore Apple services
Armagetron Gaming
Ayiya IP tunneling protocol
BattleField Gaming
BGP Border gateway protocol
BitTorrent Peer-to-peer file sharing
BJNP Printer protocol
Bloomberg News services
CHECKMK IT Infrastructure monitoring software
CiscoSkinny Cisco Skinny Client Control protocol
CiscoVPN VPN services
Citrix Cloud computing and virtualization services
Cloudflare Content delivery network and DDoS mitigation services
CNN News services
COAP Constrained Application protocol
Collectd System statistics collection daemon
Corba Common Object Request Broker Architecture systems
Crossfire Gaming
CSGO Gaming
DCE_RPC Distributed Computing Environment / Remote Procedure Calls
Deezer Music streaming services
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHCPV6 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6
Diameter Authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol
Direct_Download_Link Peer-to-peer file sharing
DirectConnect Peer-to-peer file sharing
DNP3 Distributed Network Protocol 3
DNS Domain Name System
DNScrypt Communication authentication protocol between DNS client and DNS resolver
Dofus Gaming
DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture
Dropbox File sharing
EAQ EAQ Protocol
eBay E-commerce
eDonkey Peer-to-peer file sharing
EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol
Facebook Social media
FacebookZero Social media
FastTrack Peer-to-peer file sharing
Fiesta NA
FIX Financial Information eXchange protocol
Florensia Gaming
FTP_CONTROL FTP Control Protocol
FTP_DATA FTP Data Protocol
GenericProtocol NA
Git Code hosting platform for version control and collaboration
Github Code hosting platform for version control and collaboration
GMail Google services
Gnutella Peer-to-peer file sharing
Google Google services
GoogleDocs Google services
GoogleDrive Google services
GoogleHangout Google services
GoogleMaps Google services
GooglePlus Google services
GoogleServices Google services
GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation Protocol
GTP GPRS Tunneling Protocol
Guildwars Gaming
H323 VoIP protocol
HalfLife2 Gaming
HEP Extensible Encapsulation Protocol (formely HEP)
Hotmail Email services
HotspotShield VPN services
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP_ActiveSync Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP_Connect Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP_Download Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP_Proxy Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IAX Inter-Asterisk eXchange is a communications protocol
IceCast Streaming services
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICMPV6 Internet Control Message Protocol version 6
IEC60870 IEC60870 communication protocol
IFLIX Streaming services
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
IMAPS Internet Message Access Protocol
Instagram Social media
IP_in_IP IP tunneling protocol
IPP Internet Printing Protocol
IPsec Internet Protocol Security
IRC Social media
KakaoTalk Social media
KakaoTalk_Voice Social media
Kerberos Network authentication protocol
Kontiki Peer-to-peer file sharing
LastFM Social media
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LinkedIn Social media
LISP Locator ID Separation Protocol
LLMNR Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution Protocol
LotusNotes Lotus Notes Web Service Protocol
MapleStory Gaming
MDNS Multicast DNS protocol
Megaco H. 248 media gateway control protocol
Memcached General-purpose distributed memory-caching system
Messenger Social media
MGCP VoIP protocol
Microsoft Microsoft services
Microsoft Teams Microsoft services
Mining Crypto mining
Modbus Serial communication protocol
MPEG_TS Audio and video transmision protocol
MQTT Machine to machine network protocol
MS_OneDrive File sharing / Microsoft services
MSN Social media
MsSQL-TDS Microsoft SQL Server Protocol
MySQL Microsoft SQL Server Protocol
NestLogSink NA
NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System (legacy LAN)
NetFlix Streaming services
NetFlow NetFlow protocol
NFS Network File System protocol
Nintendo Gaming
NOE VoIP protocol
ntop High-speed web-based traffic analysis
NTP Network Time Protocol
OCS Open Collaboration Services API
Office365 Microsoft services
Ookla Ookla Speedtest Protocol
OpenDNS Domain Name System resolution services
OpenFT Peer-to-peer file sharing
OpenVPN VPN services
Oracle Oracle services
Oscar Social media
OSPF Open Shortest Path First routing protocol
Pando_Media_Booster Peer-to-peer file sharing
Pandora Peer-to-peer file sharing
Pastebin Content-hosting service
PcAnywhere Remote PC connection services (discontinued)
Playstation Gaming
PlayStore Gaming
POP3 Email client protocol
POPS Email client protocol
PostgreSQL Relational database management system
PPLive Streaming services
PPStream Streaming services
PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
QQ Messaging services
QQLive Messaging services
QUIC Quick UDP Internet Connections Protocol
Radius Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
Redis Remote Dictionary Server / in-memory data structure store
RemoteScan Remote Desktop (RDP) document scanning software
RSYNC File copying tool
RTCP RTP Control Protocol
RTMP Real-Time Messaging Protocol
RTP Real-time Transport Protocol
RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol
RX Client-server RPC protocol
s7comm Siemens S7 Communication Protocol
SAP SAP services
SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol
sFlow Sampling technology for network monitoring
ShoutCast Streaming services
Signal Messaging services
Sina(Weibo) Social media
SIP VoIP protocol
Skype Skype services
SkypeCall Skype services
Slack Messaging services
SMBv1 Server Message Block application layer network protocol
SMBv23 Windows SMB v2/v3 Protocol
SMPP Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMTPS Secure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Snapchat Social media
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SOCKS Socket Secure network protocol
SOMEIP Scalable Service-Oriented Middleware over IP
Sopcast Peer-to-peer file sharing
Soulseek Peer-to-peer file sharing
SoundCloud Music streaming services
Spotify Music streaming services
SSDP Simple Service Discovery Protocol
SSH Secure Shell Protocol
SSL Secure Sockets Layer protocol
SSL_No_Cert Secure Sockets Layer sessions with no certification
Starcraft Gaming
Stealthnet Peer-to-peer file sharing
Steam Gaming
STUN Session Traversal Utilities for NAT protocol
Syslog Syslog Protocol
Targus Dataspeed Peer-to-peer file sharing
TeamSpeak VoIP protocol
TeamViewer Remote access and remote control software
Telegram Messaging services
Telnet Telnet protocol
Teredo IPv6 transition protocol
TFTP File sharing
Thunder Peer-to-peer file sharing
TikTok Social media
TINC VPN services
Tor Software for enabling anonymous communication
TruPhone GSMA accredited global mobile network
Tuenti Mobile virtual network operator
Tvants Streaming services
TVUplayer Peer-to-peer TV application
Twitch Streaming services
Twitter Social media
UBNTAC2 UBNTAC2 protocol
UbuntuONE OpenID-based single sign-on service
Unencrypted_Jabber VoIP protocol
UPnP Universal Plug and Play network protocol
Usenet Usenet protocol
Vevo Music streaming services
VHUA Skype-like services in China
Viber Messaging services
VMware Cloud computing and virtualization technology
VNC Remote access software for desktop and mobile
VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
Warcraft3 Gaming
Waze Maps
Webex Video Conferencing, Cloud Calling & Screen Sharing
WebSocket WebSocket protocol
WeChat Messaging services
WhatsApp Messaging services
WhatsAppFiles Messaging services
WhatsAppVoice Messaging services
Whois-DAS WHOIS query and response protocol
Wikipedia Free online encyclopedia
WindowsUpdate Microsoft service for updating Windows
WorldOfKungFu Gaming
WorldOfWarcraft Gaming
Xbox Gaming
XDMCP X Display Manager Control Protocol
Yahoo News and email services
YouTube Streaming services
YouTubeUpload Streaming services
Zabbix Tool to monitor IT infrastructure
Zattoo Streaming services
ZeroMQ ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol

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