Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Lite
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    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Lite

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      What is Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) (Lite)?

      Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) (Lite) is a security feature that allows Organization Admins to block specific ports and protocols from being accessed while connected to your organization’s Virtual Private Gateway.

      For example, you can use DPI to block specific messaging services like Snapchat or Viber and peer-to-peer file-sharing apps like Stealthnet or Thunder.

      How to enable DPI (Lite)?

      1. Go to Control PanelNetworkServers or Gateways. Choose the dedicated server, click Configure next to it, and select Deep Packet Inspection (Lite) from the dropdown menu;

      Configure dropdown DPI.png

      1. In the request form, select which ports and protocols you want to inspect and block. With NordLayer, you can choose from up to 250 ports and protocols (find the list below);

      2. Once you’re done, click on Request Deep Packet Inspection. Please allow up to 24 hours for the feature to be enabled. You will get an email with the confirmation once it’s ready.

      Deep Packet Inspection modal.png

      What can you block with DPI (Lite)?

      NordLayer allows you to choose from up to 250 ports and protocols to inspect and block. Here are they, listed in alphabetical order:

      CategoryPorts and Protocols
      Apple servicesApple, AppleiCloud, AppleiTunes, AppleJuice, ApplePush, AppleStore
      Domain Name SystemDNS, OpenDNS, DNScrypt, MDNS
      E-commerceAmazon, eBay
      Email client protocol/Email servicesPOP3, POPS, Hotmail, Yahoo, SMTP, SMTPS
      File sharingTFTP, Dropbox, MS_OneDrive
      GamingWorldOfKungFu, WorldOfWarcraft, Xbox, Starcraft, Steam, Warcraft3, Playstation, PlayStore, MapleStory, Nintendo, HalfLife2, Guildwars, Dofus, Florensia, Armagetron, BattleField, Crossfire, CSGO, Fiesta
      Google servicesGMail, Google, GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive, GoogleHangout, GoogleMaps, GooglePlus, GoogleServices
      Hypertext Transfer ProtocolHTTP, HTTP_ActiveSync, HTTP_Connect, HTTP_Download, HTTP_Proxy
      IdentityRadius, Diameter, Kerberos, LDAP, UbuntuONE
      Infrastructure/NetworkingCloudflare, DHCP, DHCPV6, BGP, DNP3, BJNP, DRDA, EGP, FTP_CONTROL, FTP_DATA, GRE, GTP, HEP, ICMP, ICMPV6, IMAP, IMAPS, IPP, LLMNR, Modbus, MQTT, NetBIOS, NetFlow, NFS, NTP, Ookla, QUIC, RTP, RTSP, SCTP, SMBv1, SMBv23, SNMP, SOCKS, SOMEIP, SSDP, SSH, STUN, UPnP, WebSocket, Whois-DAS
      IP tunneling protocolAyiya, IP_in_IP, IPsec, PPTP
      Messaging protocol/servicesAMQP, RTMP, QQ, QQLive, Slack, Signal, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, WhatsAppFiles, WhatsAppVoice, Skype, SkypeCall, VHUA, Webex
      Microsoft servicesMS_OneDrive, Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, Office365, MsSQL-TDS, MySQL, WindowsUpdate
      Monitoring/SCIMCollectd, CHECKMK, ntop, sFlow, Syslog, Zabbix
      Music streaming servicesVevo, Deezer, SoundCloud, Spotify
      News servicesYahoo, AFP, Bloomberg, CNN
      Peer-to-peer file sharingOpenFT, Sopcast, Soulseek, Thunder, Targus Dataspeed, Stealthnet, Pando_Media_Booster, Pandora, Gnutella, Kontiki, BitTorrent, Direct_Download_Link, eDonkey, DirectConnect, FastTrack, File sharing
      Remote AccessCitrix, PcAnywhere, RDP, Redis, RemoteScan, TeamViewer, VNC, VMware, XDMCP
      Social mediaFacebook, FacebookZero, Instagram, IRC, KakaoTalk, KakaoTalk_Voice, LastFM, LinkedIn, Messenger, MSN, Oscar, Sina(Weibo), Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter
      Software DevelopmentCorba, DCE_RPC, Git, Github, RX
      Streaming servicesAmazonVideo, IceCast, IFLIX, Netflix, Tvants, Twitch, PPLive, PPStream, ShoutCast, YouTube, YouTubeUpload, Zattoo
      VoIP protocolH323, MGCP, SIP, TeamSpeak, Unencrypted_Jabber, NOE
      VPN servicesCiscoVPN, HotspotShield, OpenVPN, TINC
      OtherAimini, AJP, CAPWAP, CiscoSkinny, COAP, EAQ, FIX, GenericProtocol, IAX, IEC60870, IGMP, LISP, LotusNotes, Megaco, Memcached, Mining, MPEG_TS, NestLogSink, OCS, Oracle, OSPF, Pastebin, PostgreSQL, RSYNC, RTCP, s7comm, SAP, SMPP, SSL, SSL_No_Cert, Telnet, Teredo, Tor, TruPhone, Tuenti, TVUplayer, UBNTAC2, Usenet, VRRP, Waze, Wikipedia, ZeroMQ

      Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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