How to reset network settings on macOS?
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    How to reset network settings on macOS?

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      In case you are experiencing issues with your NordLayer connection, resetting your network settings is a viable option to resolve them. Please apply the following steps in order to reset your macOS device’s network settings:

      1. Launch Finder, select Go at the top bar, then Go to Folder and enter this:
      1. Locate the following files, copy them to the desktop for a backup, then delete them from the /SystemConfiguration/ folder:

      1. Reboot the device.

      After the reboot, your Mac computer will create new SystemConfiguration folder with default settings and preferences. When you log back in, all of your network and Bluetooth connections will be reset. If the procedure does not work, you can replace the removed files from the SystemConfiguration folder with the original ones (that were copied for a backup) to rollback previous network settings.

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