How to use NordLayer on Wi-Fi with a captive portal?
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    How to use NordLayer on Wi-Fi with a captive portal?

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      At many airports, the wifi networks include something called a captive portal. This is a login or authentication page that pops up when you first connect to the network. It's a common sight at airports, cafes, and hotels, where you might need to enter a password or accept terms of service to gain access.

      If you're using a VPN such as NordLayer, the captive portal can't redirect you to the login page. This occurs because the VPN is designed to encrypt your data and route it through a server in a different location, masking your device's actual entry point to the internet. As a result, the local network's captive portal page fails to load, leaving you unable to connect to the wifi at all.

      How to connect to airport wifi using NordLayer

      To navigate this, you can use a straightforward workaround:

      1. Disconnect your device from the VPN. This allows your device to interact directly with the local network.
      2. Connect to the airport wifi without the VPN. This should prompt the captive portal to appear, allowing you to login or accept the necessary terms.
      3. Once you're through the captive portal and have internet access, reconnect to NordLayer to secure your online activity.

      For macOS users

      There's an even smoother process for macOS users thanks to a specific feature in NordLayer:

      1. Go to NordLayer application preferences, select Advanced, and enable VPN Kill Switch
      2. Disable toggle for Exclude connections on local network.


      This setting protects your data while still allowing your device to connect to captive portals. Essentially, it keeps your connection secure by blocking internet access if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly, without interfering with initial captive portal access.

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