Looker queries time-out
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    Looker queries time-out

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      The Looker query timeout is caused by one of the technologies we are using. We have reached out to Looker and they have confirmed that the front end architecture uses Elastic Load Balancers which do not provide static IP addresses for us to allowlist (whitelist). If you cannot optimize your Looker workflow, the final solution is to disable the interfering technology. Doing so may greatly reduce your VPN connection speed but if that is something you wish to move forward with, contact our 24/7 customer support team.

      If you cannot allow to reduce the connection speed, Looker has one advice:

      "If you have more experience with the Looker platform and cannot sacrifice the VPN connection speed, there is one other option to try. The new aggregate awareness functionality in Looker can be helpful for optimization. It has some limitations and is not supported by all the dialects at the moment, but if you can use it, it is a great option to set up some smaller, more efficient aggregated tables in your explores, and Looker will automatically use the one that is the most suitable for the query. These tables can have persistence in the same way as pdts, so they can be set to be refreshed at the beginning of the day. There is also a concept of “unioning” of fresh data from the database with data from the aggregated table - this time intelligence is happening in Looker automatically as well. Please take a look at this article."

      Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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