How to find your MacOS version number
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    How to find your MacOS version number

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      What is an operating system version number?

      A version number is a unique set of numbers representing the specific release of an operating system.

      The macOS version number follows the format of major.minor.patch. For example, here’s what each component in 12.6.1. means:

      • 12 is the major version;
      • 6 is the minor version;
      • 1 is the patch version.

      If you want your team to use macOS 12.6 or a later version, enter, for example, 12.6.0 in the Device Security Posture Monitor Operating system version field.

      To find the macOS version number on your device, you can run the command line sw_vers in the Terminal app or go to Apple > About This Mac.

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