The process of migrating to a new NordLayer subscription plan
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    The process of migrating to a new NordLayer subscription plan

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      On October 4th, 2023, NordLayer introduced a new offering distributed via subscription plans Lite, Core, Premium, and Custom.

      These new subscription options will replace legacy plans Basic, Advanced and Custom over time. Clients who purchased NordLayer before October 4, 2023, must migrate to new plans.

      Why do you introduce new subscription plans?

      Explore our blog to learn about our updated pricing and how NordLayer has evolved into a cutting-edge secure network access solution to better serve your needs.

      How do I know if this change affects me?

      Organizations that bought NordLayer subscriptions prior to October 4th, 2023, are on one of the legacy NordLayer subscription plans: Basic, Advanced, or Custom. It means they will have to migrate to one of the new NordLayer plans: Lite, Core, Premium, or Custom.

      If you are not sure which plan you are on, you can always check it on the NordLayer Control Panel Subscription page under ‘Billing Information' tab.


      How will the migration work?

      Clients who are on legacy plans will be migrated individually. Regarding the process, we will contact your organization when the time comes with the following instructions.

      • First, your organization admin or assigned point of contact will receive an official migration email from NordLayer. The letter will include detailed information on the process and deadlines.

      • You’ll have advance notice and clearly defined alternatives for a smooth transition before you have to change your plan.

      • Until then, no action is needed from your organization and no changes will be made to your current subscription plan, selected features, or pricing.

      Will the plan change affect my organization instantly after migration?

      You’ll be given advance notice to decide on the plan you want to migrate to. No changes will be applied to your legacy NordLayer plan, its features, or pricing during this period until the given deadline.

      You can buy more licenses or upgrade to a yearly or higher-tier plan at the current price before the migration. Any changes made after the migration day will be subject to the new plan pricing.

      At the end of the notice period, your organization will be migrated to the chosen new plan. Once migrated, you’ll be able to enjoy the new plan's capabilities for no additional charges until your next billing cycle after that day. Newly purchased licenses from that day will be based on a new plan pricing. New plan pricing for the whole subscription will be applied only upon subscription renewal after migration.

      Can I postpone the migration?

      You must choose one of the new plans during the given notice period, as legacy plans won’t be available anymore. However, you can upgrade your current subscription model from monthly to yearly before the migration and lock in the legacy plan price until the next billing cycle after migration day.

      Do I have the option to switch back to a legacy plan after I’ve switched to one of the new plans?

      Once you update to a new subscription plan, you cannot revert to one of our legacy plans. Legacy plans will be discontinued on October 4, 2023.

      Can I switch to one of the new plans now, or do I have to wait until you contact us?

      You can migrate to one of our new plans anytime by contacting our 24/7 Customer support team.

      Remember that once you update to one of our new plans, you cannot revert to the legacy plans.

      Where can I learn more about new subscription plans?

      Note: If you wish to reduce the amount of your member or server licenses, please contact your Account Manager or our 24/7 customer support team for assistance.

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