NordLayer application usage on Linux
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    NordLayer application usage on Linux

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      NordLayer Linux application supports logging in with credentials, as well as Gsuite, Azure, Okta, One Login and JumpCloud methods.

      Login methods

      NordLayer Linux application supports logging in with credentials, as well as Gsuite, Azure, and Okta methods.

      To initiate a login attempt, enter this command:

      $ nordlayer login

      If the command is entered correctly, you will be prompted to enter an organization ID. After entering it, you will be able to choose any of the configured Login methods by organization owner.

      Email and password

      If you select this method, you will be asked to enter your email and password.

      Please note that while inputting the password, the characters you enter will not show up.

      Select [number]: 2
      Username *
      Password *
      Email: Logged in.

      Third-party SSO

      If you have Single-Sign ON enabled (listed), simply select the number in order to authenticate via third-party provider:

      1: azure_ad
      2: email_password
      3: google
      4: okta      
      Select [number]: 3
      [\] Authenticating...
      Follow link to login:<..>

      Please open the link your web browser. Whilst many terminals allow to just right-click on the link with the option to open it, you may still need to copy the URL manually. After authenticating with your SSO provider, you should get redirected back to the NordLayer application.

      In case the redirect does not work

      In cases when redirect does not work, just click the blue Continue link. Also, make sure that you are not using sudo command and have follow all of the installation steps including setting up the user group.

      Lastly, you may have have to enter your 2FA code - but this depends on your Organization's configuration.

      Listing gateways

      $ nordlayer gateways 
      Private gateways:
                Name/Country │ID │─────┼────│
                  HQ │           office-hq │
          Back-office│     back-office-vpn │
      Shared gateways:
              Name/Country │ ID │
            Czech Republic │ cz │
                   Denmark │ dk │
                 Singapore │ sg │

      Connecting and Disconnecting

      Provide the gateway ID for the connect command to initiate the connection.

      $ nordlayer connect uk 

      $ nordlayer disconnect

      We also provide the shortcuts of c instead of connect and d instead of disconnect. Use TAB for auto-complete and make sure to read nordlayer help [command] for more information.


      nordlayer settings set       
      Select setting to change: 
      1: VPN Protocol
      2: Auto-connect
      3: Always connect to
      4: ThreatBlock
      5: Always On
      Select [number]: 1

      Available values for VPN Protocol
      1: Automatic
      2: NordLynx
      3: OpenVPN TCP
      4: OpenVPN UDP
      Select [number]: 2

      Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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