Set up manual SWG on Firefox browser
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    Set up manual SWG on Firefox browser

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      While it is possible to use a manual (third-party) browser extension to access NordLayer service, we highly recommend using our official browser extension because it offers a better user-experience.

      If your browser does not support our official extension, a third-party extension may be one of the alternatives available.

      Setting up third-party extension

      In this guide, we will be using FoxyProxy extension to give a brief example of the manual setup:

      Once you install the FoxyProxy extension, you will now see a FoxyProxy icon the top right corner of your FireFox browser.

      1. Press on the FoxyProxy icon in your browser and select Options


      1. Click on Import Settings tab on the left side


      1. Beneath Import Settings from FoxyProxy 6.0+, you will see a button Import Settings - press on it


      1. In the file browser, select your recently downloaded FoxyProxy configuration file


      1. To use your newly created SWG, simply click on the FoxyProxy icon in the top right corner and then select your preferred proxy profile (your gateway without the ThreatBlock or your gateway with the ThreatBlock feature enabled)


      Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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