Setting up manual IKEv2 connection on iOS/iPadOS
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Setting up manual IKEv2 connection on iOS/iPadOS

  1. Download the NordLayer IKEv2 certificate to your device

You can do so by opening this link in Safari:

  1. The certificate installation dialogue will appear. Tap Install in each step:


  1. Once the certificate has been installed, tap Done to complete the installation

3.1. On iOS 12.2 and later versions, once you've downloaded the certificate, you might see a pop-up saying "Profile Downloaded - Review the profile in Settings app if you want to install it"


3.2. Navigate to your device Settings > Profile Downloaded > NordVPN Root CA > Install > Trust

If you cannot see the Profile Downloaded button, go to Settings > General > Profiles. You should find the downloaded profile there.


  1. Now you have to download the NordLayer Private Gateway configuration files and copy your service credentials

  2. Go to Settings > General > VPN


  1. Tap on Add VPN Configuration...


  1. Fill the boxes as follows:
  • Type: IKEv2
  • Description: Any preferred name for the VPN connection
  • Server: The hostname of your private gateway
  • Remote ID: The same hostname as in the Server field
  • Local ID: Leave empty
  • User Authentication: Username
  • Username: Your NordLayer service credentials username
  • Password: Your NordLayer service credentials password
  • Proxy: Off
  • Tap Done.


  1. To enable the VPN, go back to the device Settings, and switch on the toggle next to VPN


Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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