Setting up manual SWG connection
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    Setting up manual SWG connection

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      While it is possible to use a manual (third-party) browser extension to access NordLayer service, we highly recommend using our official browser extension because it offers a better user-experience.

      If your browser does not support our official extension, a third-party extension may be one of the alternatives available.

      How to set up SWG credentials?

      If you have a Virtual Private Gateway set up, please follow these steps to set up SWG feature as an Organization Admin:

      1. Go to Control PanelNetworkGateways;
      2. Click on the three dots next to a virtual private gateway of your choice;
      3. Select Request SWG Browser Extension as shown in the screenshot below:

      Configure dropdown SWG

      Once the requests is submitted, an email will be sent to you within 24 hours of submitting the request form, confirming that the NordLayer Browser Extension has been enabled.

      Gathering Secure Web Gateway credentials


      Keep in mind that iOS, macOS and Windows does not support SWG tab inside application settings menu

      To receive credentials for manual SWG set up, please contact the administrator of your organization


      For detailed explanation on the SWG configuration and credentials, use the following Terminal command:

      nordlayer help settings swg

      In order to gather all the required information to set up SWG enter the following command into the Terminal:

      nordlayer settings swg

      If SWG is not enabled on your dedicated server(s), you will receive an error message. In case only one dedicated server is available and SWG is enabled on it - you will immediately see your credentials. You will need to copy the Hostname, Username and Password in order to set up a manual SWG.


      Open the NordLayer application and head to Settings. Navigate to the Secure Web Gateway tab and choose a location (gateway) that you want to use your SWG setup with. Once location is selected, you will now see Proxy server credentials fields. You will need to copy the Hostname, Username and Password to set up a manual SWG.


      Once you choose a tool that you want to set up the NordLayer SWG on, here are the settings that you will need to configure:

      Name: you can choose any naming scheme that you wish

      Protocol: HTTPS

      Port: 89 or 90 (for ThreatBlock)

      Host/hostname: the value you have copied from the NordLayer application

      Username: the value you have copied from the NordLayer application

      Password: the value you have copied from the NordLayer application

      You can also access our step-by-step instructions on how to set up a manual (third-party) browser extension:

      Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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