Step 1: Choose your plan and sign up
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    Step 1: Choose your plan and sign up

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      Welcome to NordLayer! The first step is to choose the most suitable subscription plan and sign up by creating an account (organization). The process of signing up differs depending on your role in the organization.

      If you are an organization administrator:

      1. Select the subscription package: go to the page, find the most suitable plan, and click Start now. Note that the plan can also be purchased later, once you've set up your account and invited your team. If you want to set up your account first, go to the page, and click Start now button there.
      2. Enter your full name.
      3. Enter your preferred organization name.
      4. Enter your email address.
      5. Select the size of your organization and click Next.
      6. Create an organization ID (e.g., your company’s shortened name or a word that’s easy to remember).
      7. Confirm your email address. Enter the 6-digit confirmation code that has been sent to your email.
      8. Create a strong password for your account.
      9. Start onboarding your organization - invite new members to teams or, if you want to do that later, activate NordLayer by purchasing and activating a subscription plan.

      Not sure which subscription package to choose?

      Lite plan

      Go for the Lite plan when you need essential internet access security with the ability to access international online resources and information. NordLayer Lite ensures encrypted traffic, as well as crucial network visibility and security for your employees—whether at home, in the office, or on unsecured public Wi-Fi. Locations can be masked and altered in seconds, making NordLayer Lite an ideal choice for marketing teams monitoring geo-targeted campaigns or QA teams testing worldwide.

      In brief, choose this subscription if you need:

      • Protect traveling employees & secure access through public Wi-Fi.
      • Prevent threats while browsing on the internet.
      • Access geo-specific content (Q&A/marketing).
      • Ensure IP address masking.
      • Monitor VPN usage in an organization and generate reports.
      • Ensure that employees are connected to VPN at all times.

      Core plan

      Opt for the Core plan when you require comprehensive internet security and network access control solutions. This plan provides enhanced device visibility within your organization's network, enabling quick detection and response to rule violations. Tailored for those with advanced cybersecurity needs, Core offers essential features for internet security, allowing you to manage and restrict user access to specific online content, ports, and protocols. It also includes key elements for network access control, such as cloud tool allowlisting and team-based organization segmentation.

      Similar to the Lite plan, Core subscribers enjoy lightning-fast 24/7 customer support and, additionally, are assigned a dedicated account manager for even more efficient responses to your organization's requirements.

      So, take the Core plan if you need:

      • Allowlist specific cloud tools with fixed IP addresses.
      • Segment network access to hybrid-cloud resources by teams.
      • Restrict access to content categories or specific apps, ports, and protocols.
      • Monitor devices in the organization's network by predefined security rules.

      Premium plan

      Choose the Premium plan for top-tier features that ensure enhanced network access control with more refined segmentation and network connectors. With NordLayer's Premium plan, elevate your security and performance by establishing connections between remote devices, creating remote connections to on-site networks, and restricting access for non-compliant devices. Compared to Lite and Core plans, this exclusive package includes Cloud Firewall (FWaaS), Device Posture Security, Browser Extension, and more, all with trusted reliability and 24/7 priority support.

      In a nutshell, the Premium plan is ideal for those who require to:

      • Do more granular network segmentation than by Teams.
      • Establish a connection between remote devices.
      • Establish remote connection to on-site networks.
      • Restrict access to the network for non-compliant devices.
      • Launch NordLayer on a browser level only.

      Custom plan

      Select the Custom plan when you need to enable every way of working, overcoming challenges of existing technical arrangements and your company's work model. This customizable solution is tailored for bespoke enterprise requirements and designed to fit unique large business network infrastructure. For an unparalleled experience, premium 24/7 live support is available for custom technical implementation and real-time assistance.

      Note regarding remote work:

      If you need to access your work resources remotely, ensure that they are accessible through remote means. This can be achieved by either utilizing port-forwarding on your office router or leveraging cloud infrastructure. To enhance remote accessibility further, consider obtaining a dedicated server with a fixed IP address (mandatory from the Core plan). This will enable you to allowlist (whitelist) the specific IP address, granting access to everything necessary for you and your team to work effectively and efficiently.

      Watch NordLayer plans and benefits video:

      If you’ve received an invitation email from your organization administrator:

      1. Open the invitation email and click Activate account.
      2. Enter your name and create a password to set up your account and activate your license.
      3. Download the NordLayer app by clicking the Download button.

      Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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