What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is a security framework rather than a technology and works on the principle of “never trust, always verify” for network access.

First coined by John Kindervag at Forrester Research, the emergence of Zero Trust as a term and principle grew from opposition to the traditional network-wide model, which Kindervag himself correctly perceived as broken.

The Zero Trust framework initially deems all traffic as ‘untrustworthy,’ meaning no one inside or outside your network is automatically trusted. Anyone trying to access the network will need to verify themselves before reaching specific applications or resources on the company network.

Zero Trust represents a shift in cybersecurity approach, moving away from traditional legacy user-to-network models and toward cloud-based models. Granulated network access for each user per application or resource is central to Zero Trust principles.

As such, any particular user only has access to limited areas of the network. This highly granular level of access control significantly reduces the attack surface area, preventing threats such as data breaches, malware, or ransomware from impacting critical regions of the network.

Why you need to start your zero trust journey

For ordinary companies of all shapes and sizes, teams and employees need to access specific network applications or resources for different reasons. But that doesn’t mean they should be able to access everything on the network. After all, you wouldn’t expect an employee from customer support to have access to financial data from accounting!

A Zero Trust approach to network security means only employees entrusted with handling business-critical data will be able to do so. Most significantly, employees can only access the applications they need to do their jobs and nothing more, ensuring optimal data theft prevention.

Migration from a traditional VPN setup to least-privilege access control is not just recommended but necessary to achieve robust company-wide cybersecurity. 

Zero trust access control with NordLayer

Changing digital landscapes and evolving work culture means businesses and their cybersecurity infrastructure must adapt to remain effective — adopting zero-trust access control is a step in the right direction.

NordLayer offers a reliable and expert-driven access control solution; our network security was built with zero trust principles in mind and has been effective for many years.

Our solution provides you with increased network adaptability to scale and grow as a business while remaining secure as ever.

NordLayer offers:

  1. Advanced application access control for your cloud environments
  2. Private gateways and customized servers for different teams
  3. A bespoke IP whitelisting solution to assign user permissions based on IPs
  4. Single sign-on (SSO) with multi-factor authentication
  5. A centralized control panel to monitor activity, transfer or add licenses, and control access permissions

Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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