How to access a share through Smart remote access

Once you have set up the Smart remote access feature via the Control Panel on our website, you can now access network shares created from Windows, macOS or Linux machines by using the assigned DDNS. If you have not yet assigned a DDNS for your device, please see a separate Help Center article on how to do that.


Accessing a Share on Windows

Visit the Network pane in Windows Explorer or File Explorer to view other computers sharing files with you. You will see properly configured Windows, Mac, and Linux computers appear in this list. Double-click a computer to view its shared files.


You can also connect directly to a computer if you know the full name of the device. Just type // (the name of a machine that has configured shares) into Windows Explorer or File Explorer’s location bar and press Enter.

Alternatively, right-click somewhere on your Desktop and select New > Shortcut.


Type in the network location of the shared folder with this syntax:


Please replace FULL-DDNS-ADDRESS with the name of your device set on the NordLayer application and SHARE-NAME will be the name of the folder or file that you have shared via network.

Accessing a Share on macOS

Open the Finder, click Go on the menu at the top of the screen, and select Connect to Server. Enter the following address, replacing 10.6.x.x with the other device’s full DDNS name from the NordLayer application:


You will be prompted to authenticate with the appropriate credentials or log in as a guest. After connecting, the computer will appear under the Shared column in the Finder sidebar.

To automatically connect to the shared folder each time you log in, open the System Preferences window and navigate to Users and Groups > Login Items. Drag and drop the network share from under the Shared column in Finder to the list of Login Items.


Accessing a Share on Linux

To connect directly to another machine, navigate to Other Locations and locate the Connect to Server field. Enter the path to a computer with a configured network share: smb://DDNS-ADDRESS replacing DDNS-ADDRESS with the other device’s full name from the NordLayer application.


However you connect, you may need to authenticate with a user account name and password that has access to the files on the remote machine. This depends on whether you have enabled guest access and how you have set up your folder sharing permissions.

Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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