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      Windows 3.3.2

      March 27, 2024

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 3.3.1

      March 27, 2024

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 3.3.0

      March 26, 2024

      Feature improvements

      Preferred protocol

      We've updated the protocol selection settings in our Windows app. From now on, any protocols you manually selected will be recognized as preferred protocols. Should your preferred protocol become unavailable while in use, your connection will automatically switch to the next available protocol. It will revert back to your preferred protocol once it's online again.

      Windows 3.2.3

      February 1, 2024

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 3.2.2

      January 30, 2024

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 3.2.1

      January 17, 2024

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 3.2.0

      December 6, 2023

      New Features

      Preset Organization ID for application deployment

      We've updated our Windows application deployment process to include a feature that allows administrators to input their organization ID during the application setup. This addition ensures that once the application is installed and launched, it will already be configured with the correct organization ID.

      The feature is compatible with device management software such as Microsoft Intune, making it versatile for varied installation environments.

      Windows 3.1.0

      November 20, 2023

      Feature improvements

      Auto-app updates

      Now, administrator rights are no longer needed for app updates on users' devices. Furthermore, when a new update is available, and the Auto-app updates feature is enabled in the Control Panel, the application will update either upon launch or when the user exits the app. This enhances the user experience, making it more seamless.

      Additionally, the required .NET Framework version has been updated from 4.7.2 to 4.8.

      Windows 3.0.0

      October 4, 2023

      New Features

      Device Posture Security (prevent access with non-compliant devices)

      Preventing access to non-compliant devices with Device Security Posture is live!

      From now on, Organization Admins can prevent access to the network for non-compliant devices. Organization Admins can set the following rules:

      • Device must be trusted by Organization Admin;
      • Device must have a preferred operating system and its version;
      • Device must have the latest NordLayer application version;
      • Device must contain a specific file.

      The new feature is also supported on NordLayer Browser Extension and can be set up on the Control Panel. It will become available on Android later.

      Windows 2.9.0

      August 16, 2023

      New Features

      Pin and sort gateways

      Connecting to your favorite shared gateways just got easier! From now on, you can:

      • Pin different gateways to the top of the list by clicking on the pin icon.
      • Sort your pinned gateways by dragging and dropping them where you want on the list.

      Windows 2.8.1

      June 26, 2023

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 2.8.0

      May 24, 2023

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 2.7.1

      April 19, 2023

      Feature Improvements

      JumpCloud SSO

      JumpCloud SSO is live!

      All Members can now authenticate their identity via JumpCloud SSO.

      Other available SSO providers include Google, OKTA, Azure AD, and OneLogin. You can set up SSO in the Control Panel or in the NordLayer app.

      Windows 2.7.0

      March 8, 2023

      New Features

      Always On VPN

      Always On VPN is live!

      Always On VPN ensures a VPN connection is used to access the internet. If the VPN connection drops, the device is automatically disconnected from the internet until the VPN connection is restored.

      Here’s why Always On VPN is a must to have:

      • It secures remote workers and those employees who travel frequently and connect to unsecured networks.
      • It prevents any potential leaks and keeps company resources and personal information secure.

      Windows 2.6.3

      January 10, 2023

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 2.6.2

      December 7, 2022

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 2.6.1

      November 21, 2022

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 2.6.0

      November 9, 2022

      New Features

      Device Posture Monitoring (Beta)

      Device Posture Monitoring (Beta) is live!

      Organization Admins can now check and evaluate devices according to predefined security rules and get notified about non-compliant devices.

      The feature allows Organization Admins to identify new devices in the network, check the device’s operating system, its version, and whether the supported NordLayer app version is used.

      Organization Admins can also check if the device is not jailbroken or rooted and whether it contains specific files.

      Windows 2.5.2

      September 20, 2022

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 2.5.1

      August 23, 2022

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 2.5.0

      August 8, 2022

      Feature Improvements

      We’ve updated our automatic VPN protocol selection feature!

      If you’ve chosen Automatic as your VPN protocol, NordLayer will now first try to connect you to NordLynx ⁠— our fastest VPN protocol.

      Windows 2.4.0

      July 4, 2022

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements related to the NordLynx software library.

      Windows 2.3.1

      June 20, 2022

      Bug Fixes

      Minor fixes and improvements.

      Windows 2.3.0

      June 6, 2022

      New Features

      Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Browser Extension (BETA)

      SWG Browser Extension (BETA) ⁠is live!

      • Utilize SWG exclusively via your browser;
      • Configure files, required credentials, and instructions;
      • Create multiple proxy connections to access company resources on different browsers.

      You can set up the SWG Browser Extension (BETA) on all the major browsers via third-party proxy add-ons.

      Here’s how to find the required proxy credentials and configuration files in the NordLayer app:

      Windows 2.2.1

      April 21, 2022

      Bug Fixes

      Bugs related to custom DNS problems.

      Windows 2.2.0

      April 13, 2022

      New Features

      NordLynx VPN protocol

      NordLynx is live!

      NordLynx has been developed to advance WireGuard’s performance. At NordLayer, it’s the fastest VPN protocol with enhanced security measures.

      Windows 2.1.3

      March 29, 2022

      Bug Fixes

      TLS problem to enable 1.2 TLS on Win7.

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